Life insurance

Financial support for your family  in case of  unforeseen events.

Life insurance


Timely repayment of loan
Protection of heirs’ rights in the a mortgage loan
  • Which risks are covered by the contract
    • Death of the insured due to a reason other than accident.
  • Terms of concluding the insurance contract
    • An insurance policy can be purchased by any individual who has taken a loan, except for persons suffering from mental, severe neurological, cancer diseases, AIDS or cardiovascular system diseases, as well as persons with disabilities of groups I, II and III and 75 years old.
    • The contract comes into force on the first working day following the day of its conclusion.
    • In case of an insured event, “Eurasia LIC” JSC will make payments in the amount, order and terms established by the insurance contract.

Application of insurance

Our operator will call you back, describe the terms and assist you to prepare the contract

“Eurasia LIC” JSC advantage is timely payments.