Mandatory Travel Insurance

This insurance program is designed to provide coverage against contingency risks and expenses incurred when traveling abroad using a travel package.

Mandatory Travel Insurance

The insurance policy/certificate is issued by the Tour Operator through Travel Agents.

In order to cut the family costs, any emergency care expenses and all necessary medical services will be paid for by Eurasia LIC JSC as part of the selected insurance scheme, depending on the chosen visited country and within the scope provided for by applicable law.

The object of mandatory travel insurance is the property interest of the insured, whose life or health was harmed as a result of insured events specified in the Insurer’s Rules “On Compulsory Travel Insurance”.

Tourist services on all routes are provided by the insurer’s partner – Global Voyager Assistance international service assistance company.

Upon occurrence of an insured event, you may call one of the following fixed lines serving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • fixed line throughout the world: +7 495 775 09 99
  • fixed line for the Republic of Cyprus, Larnaca: + 357 (24) 625 099
  • fixed line for the Russian Federation, Moscow: + 7 (495) 775 09 99

Attention! For medical assistance, you must call the phone numbers indicated in the insurance policy/certificate.

What to do in case of an insured event?

Immediately, regardless of the time of day, you need to report the onset of a sudden acute illness or accident to the round-the-clock dispatch service of the Assistance Company by the phone number in the Insurance policy/certificate.

Please follow the instructions of the assistance company representative and be prepared to provide the following information:

  •  last name, first name;
  • insurance policy/certificate number,
  • location and contact telephone number;
  • circumstances under which the insured event occurred;
  • what kind of help is needed.

Receive medical care in an organization recommended by representatives of the assistance company, after presenting your insurance policy/certificate and an identity document.


The following events are classified as an insured event after the entry into force of a mandatory travel insurance policy:

1) an accident that occurred on the territory of insurance, resulting in death of the insured or in their personal injury.

An accident is understood to be a sudden, unforeseen, unintentional, external event or impact on the insured;

2) a sudden acute illness, breakdown in health and (or) acute exacerbation of a chronic disease, requiring emergency medical care to the insured to prevent significant harm to their health or to eliminate any threat to their life.

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