Retirement annuity

Receive pension payments without waiting for a well-deserved rest. This possibility is offered by the pension annuity.



  • The possibility of receiving a pension 8 years earlier than the established retirement date;
  • Annual increase (indexation) of payments by 5%;
  • Opportunity to receive pension payments from three sources upon reaching retirement age;
  • Guaranteed investment return;
  • Guaranteed period option, which, in the event of the death of the client, provides for payments within a certain period of time to the persons specified in the contract;
  • Payments under the concluded contracts are guaranteed by the Insurance Payments Guarantee Fund.



  • Age for concluding a contract retirement annuity :
    • from 53 years for women and 55 years for men;
    • from 50 years of age and older, for which compulsory occupational pension contributions (COPC) have been paid in the aggregate for at least 60 calendar months;
  • Age for concluding a contract deferred retirement annuity:
    • from 45 years old;
    • from 40 years and older, for which the COPC has been paid in the aggregate for at least 60 calendar months;
  • The minimum threshold for the adequacy of pension savings (in tenge):